Finding Extra Money

Finding extra money is actually a lot easier then it sounds. Once you start integrating some of these lifestyle changes, you will see how much money you can save instead of spending it on unnecessary things. Live a minimal lifestyle for a little while and the money will be pouring in. ♥ Meal Planning and […]

Paying Off Debts

Debt starts accumulating pretty quickly if you can’t keep up with all of your bills, or pay them on time. Most people start acquiring debt straight out of high school with student loans. I would know, I owe $20,000 in student loans as we speak. Once you are established in your career, you find it […]

Budgeting For The Busy Mom

Budgeting is no laughing matter. It is the decision between you having electricity or food. I usually shy away from the topic of budgets because I don’t like being told how much I can and can’t spend. It’s the avid shopper in me. I love to shop a little, okay a lot, too much. Don’t […]

Laid Off: 14 Ways To Survive On No Income

Sometimes things happen and people get laid off. If your family is like mine and you live on one income, when that happens it can be devastating. My husband is a 3rd year Ironworker apprentice. Every time the job site he’s working on is finished, he gets laid off. When he becomes a journeyman that […]