Entryway Decor: The Look For Less #4

So today on the look for less, we are looking at entryway decor. You can use entryway decor for organizational purposes. Entryway decor includes benches, tables, hall trees,  (This post contains affiliate links.)

Picture with a light blue chevron background with two entryway benches and the prices with a pink sign that says the look for less in the middle.

The top entryway bench is the Pottery Barn Declan bench. It is priced at $336 with one shelf. The bottom entryway bench is the Songmics two tier entryway bench from Amazon with a price tag of $36.99. That is a difference of $299.01! Plus the Amazon version has two shelves to put shoes, bags, or whatever on!

Pottery Barn and Amazon black wooden console tables.

Next, we have console tables. The top image is that of the Pottery Barn Cassie Console Table for $374. The bottom console table is the Amazon version I found for $89.50. That is a difference of $284.50! That is almost $300 worth of savings!


Pottery Barn and Amazon wall trees

Hall trees are tall shelves with hooks and sometimes a shoe rack. The Pottery Barn Declan hall tree at the top is an outrageous $599. Honestly, I thought it looked like someone just nailed a bunch of wood together and put some hooks on it. I much rather prefer the Amazon hall tree with a price tag of $115. Amazon’s hall tree is made out of reclaimed wood and metal and is a work of art compared to Pottery Barn’s hall tree.

Pottery Barn and Amazon rolling carts

Storage carts are awesome decor pieces. Being very mobile gives storage carts a huge advantage over bulkier tables. Storage carts are also good for displaying items with their open designs. The Pottery Barn Collins Metal Storage Cart is cute but with a price tag at $209.99…No, thank you! Amazon’s storage cart can be used indoors or outdoors. With a price tag of $65.71, that is a no brainer. That is $144.28 in savings. You could get a couple of Amazon rolling carts for the cost of just one of Pottery Barn’s.

Pottery Barn and Amazon shelves

Lastly, one of the biggest things people leave blank in their entryway are the walls. This is a huge mistake because you are missing out on so many storage opportunities. If you have a wall shelf with hooks and baskets, you can keep your keys, purse, and bills all in one place. With a price tag of $319, Pottery Barn’s Wade Wood and Wire Cubby is severely overpriced. I can’t see any normal person paying that much for a shelf with some hooks. Amazon has a wooden shelf with 4 metal wire baskets and 4 hooks for $268.07 less than Pottery Barn’s. The price tag on Amazon’s shelf is just a mere $50.98. That is more like it and you can be an owner of such a shelf right here:

Thank you for joining me on our money saving adventure today. See you on the next post of The Look for Less!