Anthropologie Furniture: The Look for Less #5

If you’ve ever been to the Anthropologie furniture website or store, you’ll know it is foreign chic. They have pieces from all over the country and they pride themselves of that. Their pieces are unique and exotic. The furniture you see at Anthropologie is a work of art in and of itself. However with prices anywhere from $200-$3,000, it is not cheap to shop there. I know my hubby and I can’t afford it. (This post contains affiliate links.)

I just knew I had to do a look for less of Anthropologie items, because being a free spirit myself I really love their style choices. A lot of their pieces have a bohemian feel to them. On wards to what you really came for. 😉

velvet chairs on feather background

The first look for less item was this Slub Velvet Elowen chair from Anthroplogie. It’s gorgeous and I bet it feels lovely to sit in. However, with a price tag of $448, my butt would not be sitting in that seat. Yet again, Amazon comes to the rescue with this velvety charm! With a price tag of less than a hundred dollars ($79.99 to be exact) that velvet chair of my dreams is back within my reach again. *Swoon* You can get this drool worthy chair right here:


And if you want those gorgeous gold legs all you need is metallic spray paint like this:


round wooden coffee tables on feather background

I know what you’re thinking. That Amazon piece looks NOTHING like the Anthropologie one. Well, if you want the Anthropologie look you are going to have to do a little bit of work. If you’re okay with the Amazon one then keep it the way it is. I personally like it the way it is because it has a reclaimed wood/boho look to it. If you want the Anthropologie look, the first thing you are going to have to do is sand all of the stain and paint off of the Amazon one and then white wash the wood. (Here’s a tutorial I found if you don’t know how to white wash wood: Maison de Pax) You can find the Amazon table here:

mirrored bookshelves over feather background

This is the Oscarine Lucite Mirrored Bookshelf from Anthropologie. I’m absolutely in love with mirrored and metallic gold furniture. It looks amazing together. This piece is no exception. I just don’t love the price tag. Even Amazon’s price tag wasn’t much better, but it was the cheapest I could find. I would probably have to skip both of these and make mine myself by getting mirror to take the place of wood in an industrial bookshelf and spraying the metal pieces with metallic spray paint. However if you would like to purchase the one from Amazon, you can do so here:

Marble and gold side tables over feather background

This is the White Marble Lirit Side Table by Anthropologie. With a price tag of close to $600, you can own it. Or…you could own a look alike from Amazon for less than $100. Yes, please! The white of the marble makes the gold legs really shine. I just love marble and gold together. Don’t you? You can get Amazon’s side table for the cheap price of $78.22 here:

Copper Bar Stools

The last item I have for you today are these beautiful copper bar stools. The Anthropologie ones are definitely more metallic. If you don’t like the matte copper look you can always spray paint the Amazon bar stool with this:


You can also just leave them as is. With a price difference of almost $150, I would always choose the Amazon ones. Most people want to buy more than one bar stool and to get a set of 4 of the Anthropologie ones would be $952. Where as if you bought 4 of the Amazon ones you would still be spending only $181.08… that’s less than one of the Anthropologie bar stools!

See you next week on The Look for Less!